Monday, August 3, 2009

Intake Inspiration

Ah, many are the Americans who have pondered the means by which to allow more air into their attics. Energy efficiency has called, and we have proudly answered!
Despite my ongoing troubles opening enough channels for the soffit vents to flow through, I realized that the design of my house allowed me one more way to get air into the attic. My back porch is basically a cut-out corner of the rectangle of my foundation, if you will, but over the porch there is some roof (see photo above). The bottom of that roof was unventilated but that could be fixed... but did it connect to the attic airspace?
Imagine my triumph as I realized that it did when I spotted the top of my porch light from the recesses of the attic. Imagine, if you even can, my further triumph when I realized that this porch was right in the middle of the longest run of unventilated vaulted ceilings.
Although the area is mostly inaccessible from the attic, I was able to cut out holes for some grill vents from below with the help of a drill to get started, and a handy tool called a keyhole saw, borrowed from my helpful neighbor. Although I got a face full of insulation for my trouble (why they insulated over the porch I don't know), I was able to place two grill vents each of which carried more air than several baffles. In short, it was no less than a full-on ventilation coup.
Here is a picture of the grill vents from below.

Now, although my intake problem was not fully solved, it was as good as it was likely to get for a while. With that, I turned my attention to the complementary problem: outflow of hot air.

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